Boosts and Develops Health – Essential Oils

The Essential Oils treatment also called Aromatherapy is an ability of curing various health troubles. It is providing not only the health benefits but also heal the mental and emotional part of the body.

Aromatherapy stands for the treatment done using natural oils, absolutes and base oils etc. But they are noticed as one of the main constituent used in the healing treatment of Aromatherapy.

It obtained by using steam distillation of different plant parts such as stems, leaves, flowers and wood majorly. In early times, the Aryuvedacharyas (Ayurveda Therapists) use leaves, extracts for healing purposes but now after initialization of therapeutic oils, the same replaced using that.

Their usage is not only restricted till aromatherapy, but also used in various industries and purposes as follows:

1. Essential oil is also used as air freshener due to its aromatic fragrance.

2. It is one of the main elements in cosmetic industry. As it is already known that essential oil is naturally extracted element thus helps in enhancing beauty. And, due to this reason, it is used in various creams, lotions, soaps etc.

3. Essential oil enhances the beauty of hairs by improving its texture and strengthening its roots.

4. It is used in cooking.

Sometimes, essential oils are considered as Fragrance Oil but actually the both terms are different. The essential oils are prepared using steam distillation but the fragrance oil are designed in lab and may be it has the same constituents like natural oils.

There are various kinds of sellers in Indian market but one should take a short review before buying significant quantities of oils. One should make sure whether the seller is a real producer of just trading the fragrance oils from fragrance oils companies and selling as pure oils. One should also describe the purpose of usage before placing orders.

In the field of Aromatherapy, it play a major role because it boosts the overall health of the person getting treatment. Essential oils can be take in various ways for example, massaging, rubbing, ingestion (must be in supervision of qualified aroma therapist) and inhalation. They smell trigger the brain which further lead to the nervous system and further provide the overall enthusiasm and energy in the whole body. One should check the effect on body by using small dose of the same before taking the actual dose.

The user of any kind of oil is recommended to take prescribed precautions in order to avoid the adverse effects of the it. There are a lot of dos and don’ts of essential oil usage which I will discuss in my further articles. It may cause skin rashes, redness and itching etc if you use them in undiluted form. In that special case, one should avoid using it immediately and contact the physician for recovery of the damage.

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Natural Health – Essential Oils For the Sensitive Person

When I first experienced therapeutic grade essential oils eleven years ago, I had this self-centered fleeting thought…”Oh my! These were made for me!”

Until then I was somewhat “unimpressed” with my experiences with “aromatherapy”.

I studied a few “aromatherapy” courses as part of my holistic nursing education and, yes, I had my little bottle of lavender in my medicine cabinet.

Other than sprinkling it on my pillow or dripping it into my bathtub, I never learned much else to do with lavender, and I was warned not to put it on my body without diluting it with four times the amount of massage oil. Kind of scared me.

But I didn’t want to put it on my body.

It smelled somewhat perfumey and since I am environmentally and energetically sensitive, the last thing I wanted to do was to put a substance on my body that has synthetic chemicals in it, even if it did have a pleasant scent.

It wasn’t until I learned about “therapeutic grade essential oils” when I was introduced to Young Living that I was able to have a true appreciation for what essential oils can do for us.

After studying with Gary Young and learning that there are differing models and philosophies of use with essential oils, I became aware that in my prior education I had been oriented to “aromatherapy” under the English Model. The English Model often use perfume grade oils and they emphasize that all essential oils must be diluted before they are put on the body.

And I agree with that – if you are using a perfume grade oil you would want to dilute it to put it on the body – if you want to put it on the body at all…I don’t.

(It is important to note here that there are times when you would want to dilute a therapeutic grade oil as well, especially when you are using a hot oil.)

I felt so much better knowing that there were significant differences in the quality and grades of essential oils!

It cleared up much of my confusion.

When I started to use “therapeutic grade oils” I had very positive experiences right away. I just felt better, had more clear thinking, could breathe better, and they didn’t bother my sensitivities.

So if you find yourself reading or hearing information about essential oils that is conflicting and contradictory, read about the different models of aromatherapy.

Here are a few great resources for you to learn more about the different models of “aromatherapy”:

– The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple by David Stewart PhD – page 3

–Healing Oils, Healing Hands by Linda L. Smith – pages 47 – 52

Personally, I embrace the French model, which recognizes the use of essential oils for healing and medicinal purposes. This model dictates that the highest-grade essential oils be used. It is why I choose to use the Young Living line of oils.

It is also why I choose to use the words “therapeutic use of essential oils” instead of “aromatherapy” when I speak about my own personal use of essential oils.

The sensitive person can benefit greatly from the therapeutic use of essential oils.

Here are some reasons why:

–Some people are more sensitive than others because toxins and heavy metals burden their bodies.

Therapeutic oils detoxify and clean up their body burden in the body and help make them less sensitive to environmental toxins.

–Sensitive people can often pick up subtle energies in their environment because they have a “high vibration”.

Therapeutic oils have high vibrations as well, so the sensitive person feels very comfortable using the oils.

–Therapeutic oils can also protect the energy fields of sensitive people helping them to feel less vulnerable to their environment and other people.

–Sensitive people can use help grounding, and many of the therapeutic grade oils are helpful in grounding (specifically Valor, and many of the evergreens).

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